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Quality cashmere or cheap cashmere

publisher: Claire
Time: 2020-06-19
Summary: How do I know the difference between REAL high quality and lower grade qualities?
Quality cashmere or cheap cashmere
     As “real” luxury cashmere products become more available through online platforms, numbers of “low quality” cashmere products are also becoming increasingly present. 
Just like differences between automobiles, the quality of cashmere differs as well.   Lower quality yarn is often made to look and feel like high grade yarn.  
The question immediately arises:  “How do I know the difference between REAL high grade quality and lower grade qualities?”  Here are some general GUIDELINES: 

1.First, examine the product label for genuineness.  The label should read “100% CASHMERE” (as required by the Federal Trade Commission in the USA).  Any products with combined other yarns…”blends”…cannot be labelled 100% CASHMERE.  These percentages have to be accurately stated on the label…by law!

2.Second, we might have determined that the yarn in the garment is authentic, 100% CASHMERE, but we have not differentiated between high grade and a lower grade of the yarn!  One of the best tests is TOUCH…by holding the cashmere in your hand.  It should feel ultra-soft, almost as if it were melting in your hand!  Next, apply the texture to your chin…one of the most sensitive skin areas…where the non-itchy softness should be apparent.

3.Third, hold the piece up to the light.  It should not be so thin that you can see through the material.  It should be radiant in color…but not shiny.  It should be light in weight…buoyant!

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