Why cashmere is so expensive

Why cashmere is so expensive


The softness of cashmere,the warmth of cashmere,the lifecycle of cashmere

Why cashmere is so expensive
-The softness of cashmere.

This pure softness comes from the origin of cashmere. Cashmere goats live in extreme cold temperatures mountains in high altitude. Traditionally, they were living in Nepal, Kashmir and Himalaya. Nowadays, you can find cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia, Central Asia and New Zealand as well.
This extreme environment forces them to produce a natural fine, warm and soft underfleece. These ultra-fine fibers are then turned into cashmere garments. This guarantees the feeling of pure softness on your skin.
cashmere garment
-The warmth of cashmere.

Cashmere provides a unique insulation. It is due to its unique ultra-fine fibers structure. The fibers prevent air from going through the cashmere garments.
Nonetheless, warm cashmere does not result in heavy cashmere. Even lightweight cashmere is amazingly insulating without being bulky. Cashmere is warm still light and always elegant.
cashmere sweater
-The lifecycle of cashmere.

Cashmere garments made with high quality fibers will last forever! You will be able to keep them in your closet for years, longer than any other piece of clothing. Cashmere garments will always look as good, they will not get old as other fabrics do.
Cashmere is resilient. Cashmere does not shrink with water, unlike wool. It does not pill much and does not wrinkle. After every wash, cashmere will be softer than before. It will not lose its shape –if you buy good quality cashmere garments obviously. To extend the life of your cashmere garments, you should also make sure that you follow our instructions to wash it.