Women's cashmere fashion trends for season AW2020-2021(Chapter One)

Women's cashmere fashion trends for season AW2020-2021(Chapter One)


Women's fashion trends for season AW2020-2021

Women's Cashmere fashion trends for season AW2020-2021(Chapter One)
Compared with the spring and summer, the fall/winter runway trend is a good continuation-the new series does not have a big gap, but we see designers continue to develop their styles and draw inspiration from life.
The main inspiration on the show is climate change. Large fashion companies and small brands are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and increase the utilization of materials. In general, wide shoulders are not only an important part of clothing trends, but also an important part of dresses, skirts and sleeves. Some designers have added shoulder pads to their entire collection, while others only keep them. In a specific costume. In addition, the trend of the fall of 2020 is also pragmatic-comfortable, tailored clothing, simple silhouettes.

1.) Patchwork
Compared to patchwork (we define it as one of the printing trends in the fall of 2020), when you want to show the inherent duality, half and half of the garment will give you an intermediate effect.
On the show floor, Rokh combined fashion trends, using semi-classic beige and semi-grey and black plaid patterns to match a distributed trench coat.
Givenchy has a few dresses that look like they were stitched together with a few scarves, but our favorite is a long-sleeved dress with a dark orange-brown on one side and a plain black on the other.
Loewe showed a cute skirt, the upper body part is half eige, half black, with beige printing, and the layered skirt part is made of the same black fabric.

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